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New MoRAST Office

July 5th, 2011 | Posted by Mike Hayden in News | Newsletter

Mr. Hayden and Mr. Pope have been working together to ensure a smooth transition of the MoRAST office and position of Executive Director. The current MoRAST office will be closed on July 5 and a new office in Lawrence, Kansas will become functional July 6 or soon thereafter. The current MoRAST office phone number will no longer be operational after the transfer. The new office/contact information is as follows:

J. Michael Hayden, Executive Director
Missouri River Association of States and Tribes
5809 Sagamore Ct.
Lawrence, KS 66047
(785) 840-6229

Please direct future MoRAST e-mail and other contacts to Mike Hayden as shown above. It is anticipated that Mr. Pope’s existing e-mail address will be maintained this summer, as he will continue to assist with the transition to a limited degree, and can be contacted if needed. Further updates and contact information will be provided as needed.
MoRAST serves as a forum for the identification, discussion, and resolution of issues related to the management of the natural resources of the Missouri River Basin including water resources, fish and wildlife, and consideration of the impacts to the economic, historical, cultural, and social resources among the member states, tribes, federal government and basin stakeholders. Mr. Hayden was selected by the MoRAST Board after an extensive search process and the interview of several candidates in March, 2011 for the position of Executive Director.

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